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About the Global 30

As for the Course of International Education, Doctor Course in Graduate School of Medical Sciences (G30)

Course Overview

Modern Medicine Science based on Biological Sciences is the interdisciplinary study including the field of Basic Medicine, Social Medicine, Clinical Medicine as well as Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Health Science.
The purpose of the course is to provide the opportunity of learning the latest Medicine Science to the researchers from wide range of study fields and to benefit the society by developing human resource that can create and promote the Medicine Science from present to future. The International students are expected to acquire expertise in each field in order to develop educational research at the international standard. This course is designed for foreign researchers to study in English without learning Japanese.

In the first part of course, the students learn necessary basic knowledge and sense as international researchers through the English discussions of general subjects as well as research methodology through practice at the laboratory they belong and deepen their research theme. In the latter part, they establish the base of own thesis through thesis practice and present the final performance by contributing articles to internationally recognized English magazines.

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Admissions Information

Please refer to the below referenced page for the terms of Admissions Information.

Admissions Information

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Requirements of completion

To stay at least 4 years and take the following credits

★International Educational Research Course
Minimum 30 credits (Compulsory 26 credits, Optional 4 credits minimum)
(Optional details)
Minimum 5 credits of 3 subjects from basic subjects (including one credit of International educational research lecture)
19 credits of 6 subjects from the specific subjects
6 credits of 3 subjects from thesis advising subjects

To take necessary advice for research, and pass the doctoral thesis and final examination conducted by the Graduate school.

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Early completion of the Doctoral course

Regarding the Enrollment period for the Doctoral course of Graduate School of Medical Sciences, it is stated that three years is enough for those with excellent research performance.

Requirements for excellent research performance

Thesis Main thesis has been adopted by top class international magazines and its academic value is extremely high.
At least one reference thesis, in which name was ranked within three, has been adopted by top class international magazines

Those who wrote at least one English thesis while enrollment in the doctoral course after completion of the master course with submission of the thesis. In addition, the main thesis has been adopted by top class international magazines and its academic value is extremely high.

The application for preliminarily examination can be made after 2 and half years from enrollment, if the applicants meet the above requirements.
The acceptance of the application will be consulted with the faculty council.

※The application form for degrees can be downloaded from the Homepage of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Global medical science education unit

This unit corresponds to overseas inquiry about the enrollment to the Graduate School of Medical Sciences and also prepares the English certificates on your request together with Student Affairs Section for Graduate School of Medical Sciences. We also support the foreign students to their study and research going smoothly in Kyushu University. Counseling is available. Please make an appointment by either E-mail or telephone in advance.

Contact Information
Address: Room 421 Biomedical Research Station 4F 3-1-1 Maidashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8582, Japan
Director: Dr. Fumi Takahashi, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education, Faculty of Medical Sciences
Tel & Fax: +81-92-641-6887
E-mail : yanaga(a)
*Please transpose (a) to @.

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