Ph.D. Course

International Doctoral Course (Global 30)

Information about the Course of International Education, Doctoral Course in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (G30)

Course Overview

Medical Science is an interdisciplinary subject which includes the fields of Basic Medicine, Social Medicine, Clinical Medicine as well as Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Health Science.

The purpose of this course is to provide the opportunity to learn the latest Medical Science from researchers from a wide range of study fields and to benefit society by developing human resources that can create and promote Medical Sciences. Students are expected to acquire expertise in each field in order to develop educational research to an international standard. This course is designed for foreign researchers to study in English without learning Japanese.

In the first part of the course, the students will learn necessary basic knowledge and develop the skills required to be international researchers through a combination of taught courses (discussions of general subjects -in English) and a practical experience of research in their chosen laboratory. This practical experience includes developing their own research project/theme. This involves, establishing the base of their own thesis through the laboratory work and contributing articles to internationally recognized English journals. The publication of their research findings will form a key part of their thesis submission and defense.

Admissions Information

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